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Broods Georgia Nott shares Need A Man single


Mar 07, 2018 02:15:47 PM

Broods Georgia Nott shares Need A Man single Broods’ Georgia Nott has released a new track Need A Man from her all-female collaboration The Venus Project.

Need A Man is an emotionally raw and haunting track that finds Georgia questioning the irony of the notion that a woman needs a man to protect her from other men.

Georgia explains the song is inspired by all the times she has been told it’s not safe for you as a woman whether travelling, going to a party, or simply walking alone. She said the rules didn’t seem to apply to men, but taught her to watch her back when she walked past a group of men, clenching fists and planning how to defend herself if attacked.

Need A Man is the second track from The Venus Project: Vol 1. It will also feature Won’t Hurt, the first track Georgia released last month.


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